Russian sport

Sport in Russia is one of the most popular elements of culture in Russia. Sports are professionally and amateurishly; Amateur sports are closely related to the notion of physical education.
Regulation of the sports sector in Russia is handled by the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

Both amateur and professional sports in Russia are developing and being promoted. Many Russian children attend various sports sections. Mass sports competitions are held, for example, "Cross of Nations" and "Ski Track of Russia". Among the inhabitants of villages and villages, summer and winter rural sports are held.
At the same time in the post-Soviet Russia, professional sports and sports of high achievements became a powerful industry with large state and sponsored financial investments in key sports teams and sports facilities, as well as in world-class events. A number of professional sports teams have budgets up to several tens and even hundreds of millions of rubles, they buy on multimillion contracts of domestic and foreign players; in the country, sports facilities worth up to several tens of billions of rubles have been built and are being constructed, and world sports events worth up to several hundred billion rubles are being held.
Many Russian sports schools are leading in the world, which is proved by high achievements in the most prestigious sports competitions, such as the Olympic Games, the world championships and Europe in various sports. Strongly losing ground on the leadership of the USSR after its disintegration. Since 1991, Russia has been losing ground in some kinds of professional sports, which previously had leading positions.
Also in Russia the traditions of empathy for participants of sports competitions are developed. The most popular among fans are team and individual winter and summer sports such as football, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, ball hockey and others. In post-Soviet Russia, under the teams appeared fan clubs, among which there are often skirmishes and other manifestations of aggression and vandalism during and after football matches and hockey teams.

Types of sports in Russia: