Russian creative things

Here we will tell and show the unusual things that Russians do. Of course, something like this will probably make a lot of people in other countries, but they do it for fun, and for the Russian it's a lifestyle.

How to quickly and smoothly cut a watermelon with a chainsaw

Innovative bumper

If the batteries do not fit in size - the coins will help

Booth for a dog from a washing machine

Russian bicycle

If it is necessary to fasten something, and there is no equipment for high-altitude work

How to draw a picture with the help of mud

Very convenient carousel for children

Equally comfortable swing in the summer toilet (toilet outside)

Sound speaker from a roll of toilet paper

Music center (car stereo, battery and car speakers)

Built-in monitor

Perfume sprays exactly over a large area

Sometimes the tow truck is superfluous

Russian sauna

In Russia, things dry on balconies, even in the rain

No kettle, but you need to boil water - take the iron. On the iron, you can still fry eggs

When you need to warm 2 large cups

You can fry meat in the apartment