Russian Railways

If you thought that the railway transport in Russia looks like this - you are wrong

Rail transport in Russia is one of the largest rail networks in the world.

A characteristic feature of rail transport in Russia is a high proportion of electrified roads. By the length of electrified highways, Russia ranks 1st in the world (2nd place in China).

Trains are divided into several types

  • high-speed
  • passenger
  • suburban (trains)
  • Express to the airport

Now let's talk about all types of details

 1. High-speed

The high-speed train moves, breaking at an hour from 141 to 160 km. In Russia, the most famous high-speed trains are Sapsan, Allegro, Swallow. Railway transport, the speed of which can reach, and in some cases exceeds 200 km / h, is called high-speed.

The most famous is the train "Sapsan" - this is a modern high-speed train of the Russian Railways (RZD), which since December 2009 is used on the route Moscow - St. Petersburg - Moscow. Since recently, Sapsan also runs on the route Nizhny Novgorod - St. Petersburg - Moscow and back. The speed of the train is up to 240 km / h. The distance between the two Russian capitals consisting of 10 or 20 wagon trains covers only 4 hours or even less.

Price from $65 to $100 

  2. Passenger trains

passenger trains are divided into

  • branded
  • ordinary

The most famous branded train is the train "Russia" (Moscow-Vladivostok)

the train runs along the longest railway passenger route in the world, passing through the territory of one country and crossing overland almost all of Eurasia. The length of this route is 9 288 kilometers. 

Taking into account the length of the trip, in the cars of the corporate train "Russia" everything that the passenger needs on the way - refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric tiles, shower cabins, household rooms with a hair dryer, iron and ironing board. Hot meals are delivered in the compartment several times a day (when buying a ticket with meals).
To prevent theft, the doors of the compartment are equipped with electronic locks, the opening of which is carried out using a personal card with a microchip. For security purposes, the cars are equipped with video surveillance and automatic fire alarm.

Usually the speed of branded trains is higher than usual. They have higher standards of service, but in general they look like ordinary trains.

Price from $299 duration 6 days and 4 hours 

Ordinary trains

The bulk of the trains. They travel all over Russia. The duration of the trip ranges from 5 hours to 8 days. The Russians are very popular, since air travel is expensive and not so developed. For many Russians, it's common to go to the sea by train every year. 3-5 days on the way and you are on the Black Sea coast. And then back!

In ordinary trains, there are common railroad cars, for example

The best way to find friends and not be bored on the road

 3.Suburban trains (electric trains)

They are used to connect large metropolises with numerous small cities within a radius of 100-180 km.

inside the train

 4. Express to the airport

Aeroexpress connects airports with train stations in the city center.

In Moscow, trains run along the routes:

Paveletsky Railway Station-Domodedovo Airport

Belorussky Railway Station-Sheremetyevo Airport

Kievsky railway station-Vnukovo airport

Price in Moscow from $8

Airport Express

Air tickets