How to travel in Russia


The airport is the first place for foreign tourists. 

Most countries of the world are visa vis-a-vis Russia. Their citizens - holders of general civil passports for entry to Russia need a visa, a temporary residence permit or a residence permit. The visa is not required for most citizens of Latin America, the former CIS and some other countries, holders of official and diplomatic passports of many countries. The visa requirements of Russia can be found on the website of the Embassy of the Russian Federation or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:

To enter the Russian Federation you must have a valid passport.
The passport or the document replacing it must be valid at the time of arrival in the Russian Federation.

Сustoms control
Customs control includes inspection of personal luggage and things. Currency, which you have with you in the form of cash, is subject to declaration (oral or written). It all depends on the amount of currency. Import to Russia and export from Russia of cash foreign currency by individuals (residents and non-residents) is carried out without restrictions. Cash foreign currency is subject to mandatory declaration if its amount exceeds the equivalent of 10 000 euros (11500 dollars).

How to leave the airport

After you have passed customs and passport control and received baggage, you leave to the arrival hall. In the event that you bought a tour or booked a transfer at the airport you should be met with a sign at the exit. If you want to get to your destination on your own, you can use several options: taxi, public transport or an electric train.

Moscow airport trains. Price starts from $8

Airport Express

Taxi (Do not use the services of private taxis or individuals!). Book a taxi from the application. Price starts from $13

Yandex taxi 



Approximate fare for the Yandex taxi, for example from Sheremetyevo airport to the very center of Moscow is $ 13-15.

You will immediately need to exchange currency.

Important! Currency exchange should be performed only in the largest banks! This way you will protect yourself from currency exchange fraud, and also get real banknotes.

The largest banks in Russia:




Alfa Bank             

Also you may need to buy a sim card. The largest mobile operators in Russia:

Tele 2                

Very low rates for mobile Internet from Tele 2. But the biggest coverage in Russia is from MTS.


Finally you reached the place where you will live.

If you initially did not plan to live in hotels, but wanted to rent an apartment. We recommend the most safe way for renting a house is the service AirBnB.

There were cases when tourists using an unknown service for renting apartments turned out to be nothing. This was especially evident in the days of the World Championship.


If you have booked a hotel, then for you there are several rules of accommodation in hotels.

In any hotel in the world in advance you can find out at what time you can call in the room and how much should it leave. Most often, the following
check out before 10:00
check-in after 14:00
But depending on the size of the hotel, the number of staff and other features, the time can be shifted by 1-2 hours in any direction.
The time of arrival and departure is always indicated on the booking form.

The practice of paying a tip is not very common in Russia. Therefore, it is not necessary to tip at the reception, porters or room cleaner. Although gradually this is part of the practice. On the other hand, in Russia you can solve a lot with the help of money.

As a rule, in most hotels smoking in the rooms is prohibited, in some there are separate areas for smoking in public places, but there are also those in which you can not smoke at all.

Catering services in the hotel - mandatory services that the hotel or hotel should provide guests staying in them.
In hotels of high category, that is four or five-star, provides the availability of "Room service". In translation from English, this is room service. The special service "Room service" solves questions about serving breakfast and other dishes and drinks in the rooms all day long.

In the morning, when guests still want to luxuriate under the blanket, food in the hotel rooms is especially popular. It is carried out in different ways: by means of a special card for breakfast orders, by phone, by pressing the service call by the button installed in the room, and others.
The employee of the "Room service" upon receipt of the order writes down the desired products, dishes, room number, number of breakfasts, time of submission and receipt of the order. Usually, in good hotels, think over up to eight options for breakfast and are interested in breakfast in advance, making a reservation, when ordering a room for special persons.

However, breakfast refers not only to meals in the hotel rooms. Also all types of breakfast (continental, American, English and others) are served in the hotel restaurant.
When servicing guests, the following catering services are offered in hotels:
full board, that is three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
half board, that is, two meals a day (breakfast, lunch or dinner);
one-time meals (breakfast only).
The catering services in the hotel should be such that the menu takes into account the national traditions and eating habits of foreign guests.

Metro scheme in Moscow.