Ice hockey in Russia is one of the most popular sports.

Now in the country there are three adult professional hockey leagues and two youth leagues. In addition, the country has developed children's, youthful, female and amateur hockey.
Organizes or controls the championships, draws of cups and other official sports competitions, as well as international hockey tournaments on the territory of the country. The Russian Ice Hockey Federation (FHR).
The Russian national team is one of the strongest in the world.

Birthday of ice hockey in Russia is December 22, 1946, when the first matches of the first USSR ice hockey championship were played in Moscow, Leningrad, Riga, Kaunas and Arkhangelsk.
As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, a number of sports clubs attempted to join the new game and even formed the All-Russian Hockey Union, which in 1911 was admitted to the International Ice Hockey League, but soon dropped out of it and then disbanded.
The first meeting with this game took place at the end of 1932, when the team of the German working union "Fichte" arrived in Moscow. Guests brought with them unfamiliar to Soviet athletes putters and washers, unusual ammunition, inviting the hosts to hold several friendly games. The first to respond were the hockey players of the Central House of the Red Army. Masters of Russian hockey, only getting acquainted with the puck, were stronger. The Canadian game then, however, did not get accustomed, although the Fichte inventory that remained after the visit was used for some time as a textbook at the Central Institute of Physical Education. And it was the students of the Moscow Institute of Physical Education who held demonstration games in ice hockey at the Dynamo Stadium in February 1946, 9 months before the all-Union hockey premiere.

Now in the country there are three adult professional hockey leagues (ordered in strength):

Continental Hockey League (KHL) - the winner of its championship becomes the champion of Russia,
The Higher Hockey League (VHL)
Russian Hockey League (RHL).