Russian buildings

Advantage of housing in Russia
Compared with Europe and the United States, homes in Russia are more durable and better adapted to harsh weather conditions. Houses have thick walls and do not crumble from the weather, as it always happens in the United States.
In Russia, everywhere in the cities, centralized hot water supply is available at any time of the year and centralized sewerage. These factors significantly improve the health status. In the same Italy, to get hot water it is necessary to spend expensive electricity, and the lack of centralized sewage leads to periodic flooding of streets with sewage, which in time was not taken out of the cesspools.
Full-fledged heating allows Russians to experience the winter with comfort, in heated flats, and not in semi-cold rooms, as Europeans often have to do with their extremely expensive communal (and also with their softer winters, which leads to the fact that in many areas in general completely refuse heating, and autumn-spring colds and rare cases of frost suffer as an inevitable disaster-they walk around the house and sleep in warm clothes).
Communal spending in Russia is several times lower than in the West. The average cost of the Russian family for housing and communal services is $85 per month. (2013), which is twice lower than in Norway ($180 per month) or in Germany ($150 per month), while electricity costs are 3-4 times lower than in most European countries.
Disadvantages of housing in Russia
Heat supply in Russia is often inefficient due to outdated infrastructure, and a significant share of housing costs of citizens is exactly the cost of heating (about a third of all costs). However, in the 2010-ies. efforts are being made to modernize heating systems. 
Poor quality of the urban environment (typical for most so-called "sleeping areas" in Russian cities), which is associated with the negative traditions of building up the Soviet era, obsolete building codes and regulations,  with unlimited desire for profit and incompetence in the construction business , which seeks to squeeze out the maximum profit from the site due to increased density of construction (in conditions of housing shortage even homes with a poor-quality environment will be sold), and also tries to save on the design and on landscaping (although the cost of design is about 0,5-1,5% of the cost of the project, and for improvement is also quite a bit).

Example of ordinary residential buildings, which are the majority in the cities

The so-called "Khrushchevka", a building of 5 floors. 4- and 5-storey houses of the first generation of mass development with small-sized apartments, in which small rooms and common common rooms. Ceiling height 2.48 m, in block houses of some series - 2.7 m, combined bathroom, weak sound insulation of internal walls, elevators were absent ...

Typical characteristics of apartments and it's value (the cost is average, it can be more expensive or cheaper by 2 times, depends on the region of the country and the district in the city)!
total area:
1-room apartment - 31-33 sq.m. (2 million rubles/$ 33000)
2-room apartment - 30-46 sq.m. (2.6 million rubles/$ 43000)
3-room apartment - 55-58 sq.m. (3.2 millions rubles/$ 53000)
Living room: from 14 sq.m.
bedroom: from 8 sq.m.
for children: from 6 sq.m.
kitchen: from 4.5 sq.m.

A more modern buildings, were built in the 70-80s. Number of Floors 9-16. In these houses there were isolated rooms in two-, three-, and even four-room apartments, the rooms of which are facing the different sides of the building. In the halls there is a place for a built-in closet, combined bathrooms are allowed only in 1-room apartments. 

Typical characteristics of apartments
total area:
One-room apartment - 27-34 sq.m.  (2.2 million rubles/$ 37000)
2-room apartment - 38-53 sq.m.     (2.8 million rubles/$ 47000)
3-room apartment - 49-67 sq.m.     (3.5 million rubles/$ 58000)
4-room apartment - 58-76 sq.m.     (4.2 million rubles/$ 70000)
Living room: from 15 sq.m.
bedroom: from 8 sq.m.
for children: from 8 sq.m.
Kitchen: 6-7 sq.m.

Houses built in the 90s. Already improved layouts, separate bathrooms (WC and bathroom separately). Kitchens of a large area. The rooms are separate.

Typical characteristics of apartments
total area:
One-room apartment - 30-41 sq.m.  (2.6 million rubles/$ 43000)
2-room apartment - 42-57 sq.m.     (3.2 million rubles/$ 53000)
3-room apartment - 52-71 sq.m.     (4 million rubles/$ 67000)
4-room apartment - 62-81 sq.m.     (4.7 million rubles/$ 78000)
Living room: from 18 sq.m.
bedroom: from 13 sq.m.
for children: from 11 sq.m.
Kitchen: 10 sq.m.

Apartments of new generation. Have no restrictions on the area, varied in their layout. Most often the future owner himself plans his home. They are supplied with a large number of services - underground garages, garbage, passenger and freight elevators, storerooms and vegetable storage, large staircases, convenient access roads, gyms, saunas, etc.

Typical characteristics of apartments
total area:

One-room apartment - from 42 sq.m.   (3.2 million rubles/$ 53000)
2-room apartment - from 55 sq.m.      (4 million rubles/$ 67000)
3-room apartment - from 74 sq.m.      (4.7 million rubles/$ 78000)
4-room apartment - from 89 sq.m.      (5.3 million rubles/$ 89000)
Living room: from 24 sq.m.
bedroom: from 18 sq.m.
for children: from 16 sq.m.
Kitchen: 14 sq.m.

but now imagine that when the dollar to ruble rate was 1/30 the price of this property was more than 2 times more expensive in dollars. Now the price of the dollar is 63 rubles.