Russian Airlines

The main airlines of Russia

  • S7 Airlines ("Siberia")    S7 website                 

  • Pobeda                      Pobeda website                

  • UTair                         Utair website               

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Сheck in

Registration for domestic and international flights
Attention! Departure time in the ticket (route-receipt) is indicated LOCAL. Passengers need to arrive at the airport with a sufficient time to complete the registration and pre-flight formalities. Passengers who are late for the time of the end of registration are not allowed to travel.
Check-in at the airport
It is advisable to arrive at the airport for 1 hour 30 minutes, for international flights - for 3 hours before the flight departure time specified on the ticket for registration on regular domestic flights of the airline and for formalities on departure (customs, immigration, veterinary, sanitary control, etc.) (route-receipt).
Registration of passengers for both domestic and international flights of the airline ends 40 minutes before the time of departure, except for the airports listed in the table.

Registration of late passengers
At some airports, the registration of late passengers is available. A passenger is deemed to be late for registration in the event of his non-arrival to the check-in counter 40 minutes before the departure of the aircraft. The decision to register such passengers is taken by the Representative of the Airline. There may be an additional charge for opening the registration.

Important information
Registration for transportation is carried out according to the document proving the identity and indicated in the ticket (route-receipt).
On board the aircraft, one piece of luggage (carry-on baggage) with dimensions not exceeding 55 × 40 × 20 cm and weighing not more than 5 kg for passengers of PROMO and ECONOMY class and 15 kg for passengers of BUSINESS and COMFORT classes is allowed for transportation.
For safety reasons, the airline reserves the right to change the place chosen by you on board the aircraft when you receive your boarding pass or on board the aircraft as directed by the pilot-in-command.
In the case of a free seating arrangement, the passenger is issued a boarding pass without indicating the place. Seating in the cabin of the aircraft is carried out on vacant seats. Free seating is applicable for all self-registration services.
If a passenger has ordered a special service or belongs to a special category of passengers, independent and through registration may not be available to him. For registration and receipt of boarding pass, please contact the check-in counter at the airport of departure.
If the size and weight of your luggage exceeds the standard of hand luggage, you must:
luggage at the front desk with the inscription "DROP OFF" or at the check-in counter;
Arrive at the check-in counter 60 minutes before the time of departure. The flight registration ends 40 minutes before the time of departure. Time of departure local.

Meals on board

Your menu is highly dependent on the airline and the class you are flying to. Food in the business class is similar to the restaurant menu, in the "economy" everything is much simpler.
Food in the plane depends on the duration of the flight. Short flights are considered to last up to three hours, lengthy - from three hours or more.

On flights of up to three hours the traveler is offered cold snacks, soft drinks and dessert. On flights more than three hours the menu will include hot meals. When flights lasting more than six hours, food will be served twice, hot meals will be offered to choose from.

Regional air routes are not common. For example, to get from Ekaterinburg to Novosibirsk (3 hours flight to the East). It's easier to fly to Moscow (2.5 hours flight to the West) and then from Moscow to Novosibirsk (4.5 hours flight to the East), and flying over Ekaterinburg.